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Northwest Indiana

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Northwest Indiana is a region in the state of Indiana.

Lake County, the most populous county in Northwest Indiana and second most populated county statewide. It makes up a very large portion of the population in Northwest Indiana.


Northwest Indiana is near Chicago.

Counties In Northwest Indiana

Counties in Northwest Indiana are:


Northwest Indiana is more heavily influenced by Chicago, Illinois, than the rest of Indiana.

Political culture

Due to its proximity to Chicago, Northwest Indiana is more liberal than the rest of Indiana. One of the state´s two Democratic US Congress delegates was elected from a district in Northwest Indiana. Although only Lake County is really liberal, and the other three counties are either swing or conservative, Lake County does have a higher population than the other three counties in Northwest Indiana combined, so Northwest Indiana is overall liberal-leaning.


At the same time, Jasper and Newton Counties are very conservative.

Porter County

Porter County is a swing county, although it voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

Lake County

Lake County is overall quite liberal.

Population disparity

Lake County makes up over 60% of the population of Northwest Indiana, though taking up approximately 25% of Northwest Indiana's land.