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The PlayStation Portable has firmware that can get an update.[1] When one updates the firmware, the battery must be charged (to 3 bars, i.e. 60%), and the PSP should not be switched off.[2] This may result in a brick and/or a constant startup BSOD or another screen "of death".[3] As of August 10, 2011, the latest firmware is 6.60.

A latest-version gallery of PSP Systems.

Version Chart

Version Features More features
6.60 PlayStation Spot service ended in Japan Security changes
6.39 PSN password can now be changed. Various security improvements.
6.38 Security improvements Allows you to use Qriocity.
6.37 Required for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Some security improvements
6.35 Adds Qriocity to the menu. Hot Shots Golf exploit patched
6.31 Fixed stability and game bugs.[4] Security patches fixed.[5]
6.30 Datel cheat engine patch fix Security improvements
6.20 Can sort games by genre. Patapon exploit patch fixed.
6.10 Required for Gran Turismo[6] Can download new themes from the PlayStation Store.
6.00 Required for Tekken 5. (PSP 1000) Network Update changed to System Update.
5.70 New option for Themes.[7] (PSP N1000 Only) Your Birth Date added to System Settings.
5.50 Information Board Added. PsOne added to PlayStation Store.
5.00 New Theme options. PlayStation Store added to the XMB.
4.00 Required for N+ Internet Time added.[8]
3.00 Video added to the XMB Required for Puzzle Scape
2.XX Fixed TIFF exploit in 3 steps You can play copyrighted videos.
2.00 Internet added to the XMB New visualizations.[9]
1.52 Original UK Release.[10] Music in UMDs supported.
1.51 Security enhancement (patch) Music added to XMB.
1.50 Original U.S. release.[11] Critical security installments
1.00 Original launch in Japan Supports Network Update


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