Pope Pius IV

Pope Pius IV (Latin: Pius Quartus; 31 March 1499 – 9 December 1565), born Giovanni Angelo Medici, was an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 225th Pope from 1559 to 1565.[1]

Pius IV
Papacy began25 December 1559
Papacy ended9 December 1565
PredecessorPope Paul IV
SuccessorPope Pius V
Personal details
Birth nameGiovanni Angelo Medici
Born(1499-03-31)31 March 1499
Died9 December 1565(1565-12-09) (aged 66)
Other Popes named Pius

Early life

Giovanni Angelo Medici was born in Milan. He was not closely related to the Medicis of Florence.[2]

He studied at University of Pavia and the University of Bologna where he earned a law degree.[2]

In 1527, Medici went to Rome where he joined the church bureaucracy.[2]


In 1549, Pope Paul III made Medici a cardinal.[2] Pope Leo III sent him on diplomatic missions to Germany and to Hungary.[3]

During the reign of Pope Paul IV, Cardinal Medici was out of favor.[3]


Cardinal Medici was elected Pope on 25 December 1559.[2]

In the context of the Counter-Reformation, this pope moderated the Inquisition in Italy.[4]

Council of Trent

Pope Paul III presided over the last session of the Council of Trent[3] which was the major event of his papacy.[5]

In part, the Tridentine Creed reflects the thinking of church leaders at the Council of Trent.[6]

After his death

After his death in 1565, the body of Pope Pius IV was entombed at the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

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