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States of Venezuela

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States of Venezuela

Venezuela is divided into 23 states (estados), 1 capital district and the federal dependencies that consist of a large number of Venezuelan islands. Venezuela also claims the Guayana Esequiba territory which is made up of six districts in the independent nation of Guyana.[1][2][3]


Below is a list of the 23 states of Venezuela. The states are listed along with their correspondent emblems, data and location.[3]

Flag Coat of Arms States Capital city Population (2010 est.) Area Region Location
Flag of Amazonas Indigenous State.svg Amazonas Puerto Ayacucho 142,200 180,145 km² Guayana Amazonas in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Anzoátegui State.svg Escudo del Estado Anzoategui.svg Anzoátegui Barcelona 1,654,900 43,300 km² Nor - Oriental Anzoategui in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Apure State.svg Apure San Fernando de Apure 499,900 76,500 km² Llanos Apure in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Aragua State.svg Escudo de Aragua.svg Aragua Maracay 1,665,200 7,014 km² Central Aragua in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Barinas State.svg Barinas Barinas 756,600 35,200 km² Andean Barinas in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Bolívar State.svg Ve bolivar-escut.png Bolívar Ciudad Bolívar 1,852,800 238,000 km² Guayana Bolivar in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Carabobo State.svg Carabobo Valencia 2,531,000 4,650 km² Central Carabobo in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Cojedes State.svg Cojedes San Carlos 340,300 14,800 km² Central Cojedes in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Delta Amacuro State.svg Delta Amacuro Tucupita 159,700 40,200 km² Guayana Delta Amacuro in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Falcón.svg Falcón Coro 961,500 24,800 km² Central - Occidental Falcon in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Guárico State.svg Escudo de Guárico.svg Guárico San Juan De Los Morros 745,100 64,986 km² Llanos Guarico in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Lara State.svg Lara Barquisimeto 1,999,100 19,800 km² Central - Occidental Lara in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Mérida State.svg Coat of arms of Mérida State.svg Mérida Mérida 895,800 11,300 km² Andean Merida in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Miranda state.svg Miranda Los Teques 3,010,900 7,950 km² Capital Miranda in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Monagas State.svg Monagas Maturín 999,300 28,930 km² Nor - Oriental Monagas in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Nueva Esparta.svg Nueva Esparta La Asunción 508,900 1,150 km² Insular Nueva Esparta in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Portuguesa.svg Portuguesa Guanare 919,400 15,200 km² Central - Occidental Portuguesa in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Sucre State.svg Coat of arms of Sucre State.svg Sucre Cumaná 945,600 11,800 km² Nor - Oriental Sucre in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Táchira.svg Escudo Estado Tachira.svg Táchira San Cristóbal 1,225,300 11,100 km² Andean Tachira in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Trujillo State.svg Trujillo Trujillo 747,400 7,400 km² Andean Trujillo in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Vargas State.svg Vargas La Güaira 337,900 1,496 km² Capital Vargas in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Yaracuy State.svg Yaracuy San Felipe 640,700 7,100 km² Central - Occidental Yaracuy in Venezuela.svg
Flag of Zulia State.svg Zulia Maracaibo 4,020,200 63,100 km² Zulian Zulia in Venezuela.svg

Special status areas

Flag Coat of Arms Area Capital city Population (2007 est.) Area Location
Bandera de Caracas.svg Coat of arms of Caracas.svg Capital District Caracas 2,085,500 433 km² Capital District in Venezuela.svg
Federal dependencies of Venezuela's Flag.svg Federal Dependencies Los Roques 15,420 342 km² Federal Dependencies in Venezuela.svg


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