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Tōkaidō Shinkansen

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The 700 series Shinkansen
Route map

The Tōkaidō Shinkansen (Japanese: 東海道新幹線,とうかいどうしんかんせん) is a high speed railway line of Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) in Japan. It is also the first high speed railway line in the world, and marked the start of Shinkansen technology.


There are totally three types of trains serving this route. When Tōkaidō Shinkansen starts operations in 1972, only Hikari and Kodama are serving this line. Among the two trains types, Kodama trains stop at all stations, while Hikari trains skip some of the stations to make the travel shorter. In early 1990s, Nozomi was added to the service. Nozomi trains skip even more station than Hikari, which is now the fastest service on this route.


Station in Japanese Ward / City Distance (km)
(from Tokyo)
Tokyo 東京 Chiyoda, Tokyo 0.0 JR East: Tōhoku Shinkansen, Jōetsu Shinkansen, Nagano Shinkansen, Yamanote Line, Chūō Main Line, Sōbu Main Line, Keihin-Tōhoku Line, Tōkaidō Main Line, Keiyō Line, Yokosuka Line
Tokyo Metro: Marunouchi Line (M-17)
Shinagawa 品川 Minato, Tokyo 6.8 JR East: Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tōhoku Line, Tōkaidō Main Line, Yokosuka Line
Keihin Electric Express Railway: Main Line
Shin-Yokohama 新横浜 Kōhoku-ku, Yokohama 25.5 JR East: Yokohama Line
Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line (No. 3 Line)
Odawara 小田原 Odawara, Kanagawa 76.7 JR East: Tōkaidō Main Line, Shōnan-Shinjuku Line
Odakyū Electric Railway: Odawara Line, Izu-Hakone Railway: Daiyuzan Line, Hakone Tozan Railway: Hakone Tozan Line
Atami 熱海 Atami, Shizuoka 95.4 JR East: Tōkaidō Main Line (for Tokyo), Ito Line, JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line (for Maibara)
Mishima 三島 Mishima, Shizuoka 111.3 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line
Izu-Hakone Railway: Sunzu Line
Shin-Fuji 新富士 Fuji, Shizuoka 135.0 (no railway)
Shizuoka 静岡 Aoi-ku, Shizuoka 167.4 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line
Shizuoka Railway: Shizuoka-Shimizu Line (Shin-Shizuoka Station)
Kakegawa 掛川 Kakegawa, Shizuoka 211.3 Central JR: Tōkaidō Main Line
Tenryū-Hamanako Railway: Tenryū Hamanako Line
Hamamatsu 浜松 Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 238.9 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line
Enshu Railway: Enshu Railway Line (Shin-Hamamatsu Station)
Toyohashi 豊橋 Toyohashi, Aichi 274.2 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line, Iida Line
Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu): Nagoya Main Line, Toyohashi Railroad: Atsumi Line (Shin-Toyohashi Station), Azumada Main Line (tramway, Ekimae Station)
Mikawa-Anjō 三河安城 Anjō, Aichi 312.8 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line
Nagoya 名古屋 Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 342.0 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line, Chūō Main Line, Kansai Main Line, Takayama Main Line
Nagoya Subway: Higashiyama Line (H08), Sakura-dori Line (S02), Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu): Nagoya Main Line (Meitetsu Nagoya Station), Kintetsu: Nagoya Line (Kintetsu Nagoya Station), Nagoya Seaside Rapid Railway: Aonami Line (AN01)
Gifu-Hashima 岐阜羽島 Hashima, Gifu 367.1 Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu): Meitetsu Hashima Line (Shin-Hashima Station)
Maibara 米原 Maibara, Shiga 408.2 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line (for Atami), JR West: Biwako Line (a part of Tōkaidō Main Line, for Kyoto), Hokuriku Main Line
Ohmi Railway: Main Line
Kyoto 京都 Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 476.3 JR West: Biwako Line (for Maibara), JR Kyoto Line (a part of Tōkaidō Main Line, for Osaka) Sagano Line (a part of San'in Main Line), Nara Line
Kintetsu: Kyoto Line, Kyoto Municipal Subway: Karasuma Line (K11)
Shin-Ōsaka 新大阪 Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 515.4 JR West: Sanyō Shinkansen (runs through to Hakata Station), JR Kyoto Line
Osaka Municipal Subway: Midōsuji Line (M13)

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