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This citation template can be used to cite web pages at


A search can be initiated on the sites home page. For example, enter Hood in the search box. You will be offered a list of matches to choose from. Select the feature you want and click on the name or use the advanced search option. When you locate the page you want, the URL will include a number. For example: The number 150189 is the id. The page name is Mount Hood.

Parameter Value
{{cite summitpost
| id = 
| name = 
| accessdate = 
Number from URL
Page name
Full date

The parameters id and name must be specified. An optional parameter, date, is available if the date in the header section of the SummitPost page is relevant.


Used with named parameters:

{{cite summitpost |id=150227 |name=Mount Whitney |accessdate=2008-10-31}}"Mount Whitney". 

Used with unnamed parameters:

{{cite summitpost |150227 |Mount Whitney |2008-10-31}}"Mount Whitney". 

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