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The Nanny

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The Nanny was an American sitcom starring Fran Drescher. It first showed in 1993 and ended in 1999.



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Fran Fine is a bridal consultant at Danny's Parisian Brides for Less. Thinking her boyfriend of three years will propose at any minute, she stays with him. But in the series premier, he dumps her for Heather Biblow. He fires her so Heather Biblow can take her job. Fran is forced to take a job as a door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman for Shades of the Orient cosmetics. When she knocks on the door of the Sheffield residence, the man at the door, who turns out to be the butler, mistakes her for an applicant for the nanny position. After meeting the man of the house, Maxwell Sheffield, he is none to thrilled with her unorthodox manners and lack of experience. Out of desperation, he takes her on as nanny on a trial basis.

The girls, Maggie, the oldest, and Gracie the youngest quickly warm up to her, but not Maxwell's son, the middle boy Brighton. He was the hardest to win over, and eventually she becomes an integral part of the Sheffield home, and she becomes best friends with the butler Niles.

The series showed many hints of the growing attraction between Miss Fine and Mr Sheffield, even so far as Mr Sheffield saying he loved her....then taking it back. Eventually they do get married after a lot of ups and downs. Near the end of the series, Fran gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The Sheffields (Maxwell, Fran, Grace, Jonah, Eve) move to California. Maggie and Brighton take a trip to Europe. The last scene of the show is of Fran finding her Shades of the Orient case from the series premiere, looking at the case and the house with loving memories and walking out the door for the last time..

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