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Timms Hill

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Timms Hill
Timms Hill, Wisconsin.JPG
Timms Hill, Wisconsin, July 2014.
Elevation1,951.5 ft (595 m)[1]
Prominence425 ft (130 m)[2]
ListingU.S. state high point 39th
LocationPrice County, Wisconsin, US
Coordinates45°27′03″N 90°11′43″W / 45.450884317°N 90.195397889°W / 45.450884317; -90.195397889Coordinates: 45°27′03″N 90°11′43″W / 45.450884317°N 90.195397889°W / 45.450884317; -90.195397889[1]
Topo mapUSGS Timms Hill
Easiest routeHike

Timms Hill is the highest natural point in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. Located in north-central Wisconsin in Timms Hill County Park in the Town of Hill in Price County, Timms Hill has an elevation of 1,951.5 ft.

Elevation: 1,951.5 ft (594.8 m)

Location: Price County, Wisconsin, US

Easiest route: Hiking

Topo map: USGS Timms Hill

Prominence: 425 ft (130 m)


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