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Toki Pona

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Toki Pona
Toki pona.svg
Pronunciation [toki pona]
Created by Sonja Elen Kisa
Date 2001
Setting and usage testing principles of minimalism, the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis and pidgins
Users three said to be fluent;[1] several dozen with internet chat ability  (date missing)
Sources a posteriori language, with elements of English, Tok Pisin, Finnish, Georgian, Dutch, Acadian French, Esperanto, Croatian, Chinese
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None

Toki Pona (in toki pona means good language or simple language) is a constructed (made-up) language. Sonja Elen Kisa, Canadian translator and linguist, made the language. It focuses on simple ideas that are known to all cultures. Toki Pona is a minimal (very small) language. It has only 123 wordsn n n n n . Standardly toki pona use latin alphabet, but many toki-pona-speakers create other systems of writing for this language.

Example of text

Lord's Prayer (translated by Pije/Jopi):

mama pi mi mute o, sina lon sewi kon.
nimi sina li sewi.
ma sina o kama.
jan o pali e wile sina lon sewi kon en lon ma.
o pana e moku pi tenpo suno ni tawa mi mute.
o weka e pali ike mi. sama la mi weka e pali ike pi jan ante.
o lawa ala e mi tawa ike.
o lawa e mi tan ike.
tenpo ali la sina jo e ma e wawa e pona.


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