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Virgin Galactic

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A mother ship and its spaceplane (the middle fuselage)
Looking from underneath: a mother ship and its spaceplane (the middle fuselage).

Virgin Galactic is a spaceflight company founded by the English billionaire Richard Branson in 2004.

In May 2021 one of the company's spaceplanes took people into space.[1][2]

On 11 July 2021, Richard Branson and three employees were passengers on a flight, up to an altitude of 86 km (53 mi); the flight had two pilots.[3] However, the rocket plane Unity flew outside restricted airspace; That happened for 1 minute and 41 seconds; The Federal Aviation Administration is doing an investigation as of 2021's third quarter;[4] the plane does not have permission (is not allowed) to fly, until the investigation is finished, media said on September 2, 2021.[5]

The spaceplane is rocket-powered. It is a SpaceShipTwo type spaceplane. In 2021, it came to an altitude of 86 km (53 mi), with people inside.[6]


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