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WaveBird Wireless Controller

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WaveBird wireless controller
Silver WaveBird wireless controller and receiver
GenerationSixth generation
Retail availability2002[1]
Power2 × AA batteries
  • 2 × Analog sticks
  • 2 × Hybrid analog triggers/digital buttons
  • 6 × Digital buttons
  • Digital D-Pad
Connectivity900 MHz/2.4 GHz wireless RF
Dimensions2.5 × 5.5 × 4 inches
65 × 140 × 100 mm
Weight7.4 oz/210 g (with batteries)
5.8 oz/164 g (without batteries)

The WaveBird Wireless Controller is a wireless game controller for the Nintendo GameCube video game console. It uses radio frequency signals to communicate with the controller. It is powered by standard AA batteries. It was released in 2002. Its name is a reference to Dolphin,[2] which is what the GameCube was named during development.[3]

The WaveBird controller has the same design as the normal GameCube controllers. It is a little bigger and heavier than the normal GameCube controllers. It has a dial for selecting the channel a person wants the controller on, an on/off switch, and an orange LED light which is used to show that the controller is turned on. The WaveBird does not have the rumble feature that the normal GameCube controller has, as that would make the battery last for a shorter amount of time.[1]

Like the normal GameCube controller, the WaveBird can be used with the Wii.[4] It can be used for GameCube and Virtual Console titles, as well as with some Wii games and WiiWare titles. The WaveBird became more popular after the Wii's release because of how it can control those games wirelessly.[5]