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10 (number)

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9 10 11
Cardinal ten
Ordinal 10th
Factorization 2 · 5
Divisors 1, 2, 5, 10
Roman numeral X
Roman numeral (unicode) X, x
Greek prefix deca-/deka-
Latin prefix deci-
Binary 10102
Ternary 1013
Quaternary 224
Quinary 205
Senary 146
Octal 128
Duodecimal A12
Hexadecimal A16
Vigesimal A20
Base 36 A36
Chinese numeral 十,拾
Hebrew י (Yod)
Khmer ១០
Thai ๑๐
Sanskrit/Marathi/Hindi १०
Bangla ১০

10 (ten Listeni/ˈtɛn/) is the number that is after nine and before eleven. Most people have ten fingers and ten toes.

Ten is the smallest positive whole number with two digits. Ten is an important number because most people write numbers using multiples of ten. This is called the decimal number system.

In Roman numerals, 10 is written as X.