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4Kids Entertainment
TypePublic (NYSE: KDE)
IndustryTV production, licensing
When it was created1970 (as Leisure Concepts, Inc.)
HeadquartersNew York City
Key peopleT.C. Ross, Alfred R. Kahn
Things made4Sight Licensing Solutions, Inc

4Kids TV/FoxBox

4Kids Productions
Money earned$7.9 million USD (2006)
Employees325 (2007)

4Kids Entertainment (commonly known as 4Kids) is an American movie and television production company. They specializing in the creation and distribution of children's entertainment around the world. The company is most well known for the large number of Anime and animated television series it has provided to television stations. These series currently include Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sonic the Hedgehog. 4Kids Entertainment produced Pokémon until 2006. The company was first created in 1970 as Leisure Concepts, Inc.

4Kids Entertainment has provided a number of series for the Fox television network. These series have been shown on the network using the name 4Kids TV.


4Kids Entertainment gets most of its Anime series from Japan. Before showing the series in the United States and United Kingdom, the series are edited. This editing includes changing the words from Japanese to English. It may also include changing other things which could be thought to be bad. For example, cigarette smoking is often removed before being shown in the United States. Changing the names of items from Japanese items to American items is also often done. This is done so the person watching can understand the show more easily.

Many times the story of an episode is changed completely to make it better for children. Some people believe all the changes to the Anime is a bad thing. They say that the series should be shown exactly the same as it was originally created. They feel 4Kids made "Americanized kiddy version" of the original series and that it is not right to do this.

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