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Television programme

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A television programme (American spelling: program) is something that people watch on television.

Television programme is a term that can refer to several different things:

  • A series of fictional programs with the same title and characters (a television series), as in films. Each television series is made as a series of programmes. These individual programmes are called episodes. Most series are made up of between 12 and 24 episodes for each season.
    • A single show (episode) from a television series.
  • An ongoing series of non-fiction shows using the same title, for example: local and network news shows.
  • A single program, for example a sporting event

Television broadcasting presents many different television programmes, one after another. In between television programmes, a channel may use an announcer to tell the audience what the next programme will be. On many channels in many countries, advertisements are shown for short periods of time during and between programme screenings. These advertisements are not a part of the television programme.