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Ainu language

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アィヌ・イタㇰ Aynu itak
Native to Japan
Region Hokkaidō
Native speakers 10  (2007)[1]
Language family
(often considered a single language isolate)
Writing system Katakana, Latin
Language codes
ISO 639-2 ain
ISO 639-3 ain

Ainu is a language used in Hokkaido, Japan. Ainu means "human being". It has no characters. If it is written in characters, an alphabet or Katakana is used. Because of the increase in the use of the Japanese language, the use of Ainu is decreasing.


  • Ainu - human being.
  • Ape - fire.
  • Iyomante - A festival to send bear's soul for the heaven.
  • Kamui - god.
  • Kunnechupu - The moon.
  • Kotan - village.
  • Konru - ice.
  • Sumari - (be pronounced as in "Shumari") - fox.
  • Seta - dog.
  • Tonoto - sake.
  • Nonno- flower.
  • Huci - (be pronounced as in "Hoochi") - grandmother, Old women.
  • Pone - bone.
  • Pirka - Beauty,cute, kawaii.
  • wakka - "drinkable" water.


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