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The alcohol used in drinks is ethanol- More info on that can be found at Alcoholic drink
People who regularly need ethanol are called alcoholics, the condition is called alcoholism

In chemistry, alcohol is a general term which refers to many organic compounds used in industry and science as reagents, solvents, and fuels. Alcohols are carbohydrates which are made of an alkyl group with one or more hydroxyl (-OH) groups bound to its carbon atoms. Alcohol is colorless, and also transparent. it is a drug that slows down vital functions. alcohol if you didn know was first discovered in greece. Several canadians (first nations) became addicted and many hunts families didnt have any body to help and also ended up dying.

Names for alcohol

There are two ways of naming alcohols: Common names, and IUPAC names.

  • Common names often are made by taking the name of the alkyl group, and adding the word "alcohol". For example, "methyl alcohol" or "ethyl alcohol".
  • IUPAC names are made by taking the name of the alkane chain, removing the last "e", and adding "ol". Examples of this are "methanol" and "ethanol".

Physical and chemical properties

The hydroxyl group makes alcohols polar. Alcohols are very weakly acidic.

Common alcohols

The simplest two alcohols are methanol (or methyl alcohol) and ethanol (or ethyl alcohol), which have the following structures:

In common usage, "alcohol" often means ethanol or "grain alcohol". (See also: alcoholic proof).

Other commonly used alcohols include: