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Alex Jones

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Alex Jones
Alex Jones thumbs up.jpg
Alexander Emerick Jones

February 11, 1974 (1974-02-11) (age 46)
Dallas, Texas, United States
Other namesAlexander Jones
Emerick Jones
OccupationFilm producer
Radio host
Known forAdvocacy of national sovereignty; New World Order theories; anti-world government; and various conspiracy theories.
Political partyRepublican (2000)[1]
Spouse(s)Kelly Rebecca Nichols aka Violet Jones, PrisonPlanet.TV

Alex Jones (born February 11, 1974) is a radio talk show host from Texas. He is described as conservative politically by a mainstream sources.[2] He describes himself as a paleoconservative politically, which means that he advocates old or traditional forms of political conservatives, as opposed to the newer forms, i.e. neoconservatives.[3] He also calls himself an "aggressive constitutionalist".[4] He is regarded by at least two mainstream source to be a conspiracy theorist.[5][6] Jones claims that the USA was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.[7] Jones is the host of The Alex Jones Show on Genesis Communications Network.[8]


Jones was born in Dallas, Texas [9] and grew up in the suburb of Rockwall. His father is a dentist.[10] He attended Anderson High School in northwest Austin, Texas. Jones was a lineman on his high school's football team.[10]

He began his career in Austin with a live, call-in format Public-access television cable TV program. In 1996, Jones switched format to KJFK, hosting a show named The Final Edition.[11] In 1998, he released his first film, America Destroyed By Design.

In 1998, Jones organized a successful effort to build a new Branch Davidian church as a memorial to those who died during the 1993 fire that ended the government's siege of the original Branch Davidian complex near Waco, Texas.[12] He often featured the project on his Public-access television program and claimed that Koresh and his followers were peaceful people who were murdered by Attorney General Janet Reno and the ATF during the siege.[11]

In 1999, he tied with Shannon Burke for that year's "Best Austin Talk Radio Host" poll as voted by The Austin Chronicle readers.[13] Later that year, he was fired from KJFK-FM. According to the station's operations manager, Jones was fired because his viewpoints made the show hard to sell to advertisers and he refused to broaden his topics.[11] Jones argued: "It was purely political, and it came down from on high [meaning it was ordered by political leaders]", and, "I was told 11 weeks ago to lay off Clinton, to lay off all these politicians, to not talk about rebuilding the church, to stop bashing [slang for criticizing] the Marines, A to Z."[11]

In early 2000, Jones was one of seven Republican candidates for state representative in Texas House District 48, an open seat swing district based in Austin, Texas. Jones stated that he was running, "to be a watchdog [a person who makes sure no wrongdoing is taking place] on the inside."[1] He aborted his campaign and withdrew before the March primary when polls indicated he had little chance of winning.


Jones maintains several websites and has created numerous documentary movies.


Year Movie Notes
1998 America: Destroyed by Design [14]
1999 Police State 2000 [15]
1999 Are You Practicing Communism? [16] Produced by Mike Hanson
2000 America Wake Up or Waco [17]
2000 The Best of Alex Jones [18]
2000 Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove [19]
2000 Police State II: The Takeover [20]
2001 Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports: Exposed [21]
2001 911 The Road to Tyranny: Special Emergency Release [22]
2002 911 The Road to Tyranny [23]
2002 The Masters of Terror: Exposed [24]
2003 Matrix of Evil [25]
2003 Police State 3: Total Enslavement [26]
2004 American Dictators: Documenting the Staged Election of 2004 [27]
2005 Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State [28]
2005 The Order of Death [29]
2006 TerrorStorm: A History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism [30]
2007 Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement [31]
2007 Endgame 1.5 [32]
2007 TerrorStorm: A History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism - Second Edition [33]
2007 Loose Change: Final Cut by Dylan Avery [34] Executive producer
2008 The 9/11 Chronicles: Part 1, Truth Rising [35]
2008 Fabled Enemies by Jason Bermas [36] Producer
2009 DVD Arsenal: The Alex Jones Show Vols. 1—3 [37]
2009 The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off[38]
2009 Fall of the Republic: Vol. 1, The Presidency of Barack H. Obama[39]
2009 Reflections and Warnings: An Interview with Aaron Russo [40]
2010 Police State IV: The Rise Of FEMA [41]
2010 Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined by Jason Bermas [42] Producer
2010 The Fall of America and the Western World by Brian Kraft[43] Featured
2012 New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen[44]

He is also the author of 9-11 Descent into Tyranny.[45]


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