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The Bulgarian Wikipedia (Bulgarian: Българоезична Уикипедия) is the Bulgarian language edition of Wikipedia. It was founded on 6 December 2003. On 24 May 2010, it became the 32nd largest Wikipedia by size and it passed the "100,000" articles threshold. As of October 2015, it is the 36th largest edition.[1]

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Rules in Bulgarian Wikipedia are not regarded as flexible in disputes as they are on the English project. Difficult issues are resolved through the Arbitration Committee, which handles content disputes, blocks users or prohibit certain users from editing articles on certain topics. Misuse of administrator privileges is typically appealed through the Arbitration Committee; only this authority and Wikimedia stewards have the power to remove administrator flags.


Celebration logo for 100 000 articles in Bulgarian Wikipedia

The Bulgarian Wikipedia was created on 6 December 2003. On November 24, 2005, the Bulgarian language Wikipedia added its 20,000th article, and was the 21st largest Wikipedia at the time. As of December 26, 2007 it is the 30th largest Wikipedia by article count, with over 50,000 articles.[2] In 24 May 2010, the distinctive Wikipedia globe logo for the Bulgarian Wikipedia was temporarily altered to include the number 100,000 to commemorate the 100,000 article milestone.


  • On 03 October 2004, the 10,000th article was created.
  • On 26 December 2007, the 50,000th article was created.
  • On 24 May 2010, the 100,000th article was created.

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