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California Gold Rush

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Sailing to California for the Gold Rush.

The California Gold Rush was when a lot of people went to the mountains of California to find gold. It started when James W. Marshall found pieces of gold while building a sawmill for John Sutter in 1848. The news spread across the United States. It was a long way to go that demanded a lot of force, but even so hundreds of thousands of people went to California in 1849. However, some people stayed home and opened supply shops supplying travelers with mining tools.

Some people became rich but most did not. Besides trying to find gold some people started selling things. This gave them benefits and popularity. Sometimes a woman could earn more than her mining husband. Men like Levi Strauss also sold things. He invented and sold jeans made from denim. The California Gold Rush ended in 1855. At that time many gold miners went back home because gold was harder to find.