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Cave Story

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Cave Story
Developer(s)Studio Pixel (PC)
Nicalis (Wii, DSi, 3DS, Cave Story+)[a]
NIS America (Cave Story 3D)
Publisher(s)Studio Pixel (PC)
Nicalis (Wii, DSi, 3DS, Cave Story+)
NIS America (Cave Story 3D)
Designer(s)Daisuke Amaya
Writer(s)Daisuke Amaya
Composer(s)Daisuke Amaya (all versions)
Yann van der Cruyssen
Nicklas Nygren (WiiWare, Plus)
Danny Baranowsky
Dustin Kulwicki (3D, Plus) Ridiculon (Switch)
This article contains Japanese text. Without the correct software, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of kanji and kana.
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer (Switch)

Cave Story (洞窟物語 Dōkutsu Monogatari?) is a freeware video game released in 2004 for PC. It was thought of and created over five years[1] by Daisuke Amaya, known by his pseudonym, or art name, Pixel. The game is an action-adventure game, and is similar to the Castlevania and Metroid games. It was first made in Japanese, and was translated to English by the fan translating group, Aeon Genesis.[2]



  1. Wii, DSi, 3DS versions of the game, as well Cave Story 3D and Cave Story+ were co-developed by Studio Pixel and Nicalis