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Drake & Josh

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Drake & Josh
Format Sitcom
Created by Dan Schneider
Starring Drake Bell
Josh Peck
Miranda Cosgrove
Nancy Sullivan
Jonathan Goldstein
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 55 (??unaired) including the TV Movie:
Drake and Josh Go Hollywood
Executive producer(s) Dan Schneider
Running time 25 minutes
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original run January 11, 2004 – Present

Drake & Josh is a Nickelodeon television series. It started in January 2004. The stars of the series are Drake Bell and Josh Peck. The two appeared as best friends on The Amanda Show. In Drake & Josh, they play step-brothers of separate parents. In the first episode, Drake and Megan's mother marries Josh's father.

Other stars of the show include Nancy Sullivan, who also starred on The Amanda Show.


Main characters

  • Megan Parker is the sister of Drake and the stepsister of Josh. She calls her brothers "Bubis" and she plays often pranks with them. Therefore, she came in difficults situation. She is intelligent and persistent and her parents call him an angel.
  • Walter Nichols is the father of Josh and the husband of Audrey. He works on the canal 7 as a weather man. His enemy called Bruce Winshill. He is his colleague. Megan and Audrey love him.
  • Eric: nerd #1
  • Craig: nerd #2
  • Helen: The boss of The Premiere where Josh works at
  • Mindy Crenshaw: Josh's girlfriend
  • Audrey Parker Nichols: Drake and Megan's mother
  • Walter Nichols: Josh's father

Drake Parker's mother is Audrey Parker, and he lived with his single mother, along with Megan, his younger sister until she got married to a weatherman, Walter Nichols, who has a son named Josh Nichols.

Drake may be portrayed as lazy, mischievous, cool, dumb and smooth-with-the-ladies. He is said to be 15 in the first two seasons, and 16–17 in the last two seasons. Drake hates homework, and is often seen either playing a tone on his guitar (he is very talented when it comes to music!) or tuning it. Sometimes he rehearses for his concerts, which is a good excuse to not do homework! He sometimes plays pranks on Josh or does mischief, and lets Josh get the blame. Both brothers are fed up with Megan. She plays pranks on them all the time for just no reason at all, throughout the season. Drake is someone who always gets away from trouble. Josh on the other hand is the total opposite of Drake ... but they still get along!

Josh Nichols

Josh's father's name is Walter Nichols, a weatherman, and he lived with his father alone, until his father got married to a woman named Audrey Parker Nichols. Audrey has two kids: Drake and Megan, who go to his school.

Josh may be portrayed as smart, book-wormy, simple and kind-hearted. He is fed-up with Drake's stupidity and Megan's pranks, but still loves them. Josh is said to be Drake's age, and has a talent in dancing and playing the mouth organ. He has an alter-ego named Miss Nancy, who gives advice to people in his school. Drake first finds that out in the first episode of the TV show, and takes advantage of it. Josh easily goofs things up, because of Drake or Megan, but they both have to sort it out. His only girlfriend is Mindy Crenshaw, another bookworm, slightly smarter than him and Drake hates her.

Theme Song

The start of each episode uses a song called "I Found A Way". The song is written by Drake Bell and Michael Corcoran and performed by Bell. Bell can also be seen playing the song in a quick scene from an episode in the first season. The song can also be found on the series' official soundtrack, Drake & Josh: Songs from and inspired by the hit TV show, and on Drake Bell's albums, Telegraph and It's Only Time.

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