Duke University

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Duke University
Duke University logo.svg
Logo of Duke University
Former names
  • Brown School (1838–1841)
  • Union Institute (1841–1851)
  • Normal College (1851–1859)
  • Trinity College (1859–1924)
MottoEruditio et Religio (Latin)[1]
Motto in English
Knowledge and Religion[2]
AffiliationUnited Methodist Church ties, but nonsectarian and independent[3]
  • $5.7 billion[4]
PresidentRichard H. Brodhead
Academic staff
Administrative staff
  • 7,905 Campus Employees
  • 33,705 Total including Duke University Health System[5]
Location, ,
  • Urban
  • 8,610 acres (34.8 km2)
  Duke blue and white[6]
AthleticsNCAA Division I FBS; ACC
26 varsity teams
AffiliationsAAU, COFHE, 568 Group, URA, CDIO
Gothic-style four story exterior of a building with castle-like turrets
Entrance to the Duke Medical Center from West Campus

Duke University is a private university in Durham, North Carolina. It was founded in 1838. The school was formed by Methodists and Quakers in the present-day town of Trinity.[7] The school moved to Durham in 1892.[8]

It has advanced research. Some famous people including former President of the United States, Richard Nixon[9] went to the school. In its 2012 edition, U.S. News & World Report ranked the university's undergraduate program 10th among national universities.[10][11]

Duke has good libraries, such as Bostock Library. It also has a famous medical school and law school. The school's colours are blue and white and its president is Richard Brodhead.

Duke University owns 220 buildings on 8,610 acres (13.45 sq mi; 34.8 km2) of land. This includes the 7,200 acres (29 km2) Duke Forest.[5]

Duke University has own press, the Duke University Press.


Duke has 26 varsity sports teams, known as the Blue Devils. Duke's athletic programs are considered among the very best in the NCAA. Duke's teams play in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Its Men's Basketball Team under coach Mike Krzyzewski has won the NCAA Tournament four times, and bought out the 2015 title as well.[12][13] In football The Blue Devils have won seven ACC Football Championships. They have had ten players honored as ACC Player of the Year (the most in the ACC),[14] Duke's teams play in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Duke University Media


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