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Encyclopedia Dramatica (logo).png
Available inEnglish
Created bySherrod DeGrippo[1]
RevenueAdvertising and donations
Alexa rankDecrease 22,982 (As of 28 April  2019 (2019 -04-28))[2]
RegistrationOptional (required to edit pages)
LaunchedDecember 10, 2004; 16 years ago (2004-12-10)[1][3]

Encyclopædia Dramatica is a website that stored mostly articles that make fun of people or things. The pages satirize current events, and many events on the internet. Encyclopædia Dramatica has been described as a "snarky (sarcastic and nasty) Wikipedia anti-fansite".[4]

The site is a wiki that runs on MediaWiki software.[5][6] The site often shows its content in a disrespectful way[7] and often abusive style.[8] Many articles are written in a satirical way to upset those who take the content seriously.


This wiki has been described as "an online compendium of troll humor and lore".[9] Its articles relate to news, current events, gossip and other "drama" topics from across the Internet, controversial article content, forums, fansites, Internet subculture, users of web services,[4] and online catchphrases are satirized in a manner described variously as coarse, offensive and frequently obscene.[7][10][11][12] Articles at Encyclopædia Dramatica are notably critical of MySpace[12] and administrators of Wikipedia.[4]


It was closed on April 16, 2011, and relaunched as Oh Internet. Not all of the users of Encyclopedia Dramatica liked the decision.[13] Many non-users didn't like the decision either, and hacked and attacked the Facebook fan page with "hate messages and pornography".[13][14] But now, ED is back open.


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