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A woman with goitre.

A goitre or goiter (Latin: struma), also called a bronchocele, is a swelling in the neck (just below Adam's apple or larynx) due to an enlarged thyroid gland .The thyroid gland's enlargement usually occurs due to deficiency of iodine.

Thyroid gland


They are classified in different ways:

  • A "diffuse goitre" is a goitre that has spread through all of the thyroid (and can be a "simple goitre", or a "multinodular goitre").
  • "Toxic goitre" refers to goitre with hyperthyroidism. These most commonly due to Graves disease, but can be caused by inflammation or a multinodular goitre.
  • "Non toxic goitre" (associated with normal or low thyroid levels) refers to all other types (such as that caused by lithium or certain other autoimmune diseases).


Other causes are:

New research indicates that there may be a tendency to inherit an increased vulnerability to goitre.

Famous goitre sufferers


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