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A librarian is a person responsible for selecting, organizing, and delivering information materials in a variety of formats such as electronic databases, primary source materials, or printed books.[1] Librarians also teach people to find and evaluate information found on the World Wide Web using Internet search tools and strategies. Librarians may work in different areas. Purchasing materials, putting them into categories, teaching, assisting people with questions, and working with information technology are a few of the possible specializations.[1]

The role of a librarian varies across different types of libraries and locations.


To become a librarian in a university a person needs to have a master's degree in Library Science (MLS) or a master's degree in Library and Information Science.


Most librarians work for libraries in schools, colleges, or universities or in municipal, regional, or national libraries. Some librarians also work for private companies, to help them to organize their documents and reports. There are librarians that also work with the deaf and in prisons.

Related jobs

Other jobs in libraries include the job of library technician. To become a library technician, a person needs to complete a college diploma.

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