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Non-profit organization

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A Non-profit organization (or just non-profit) is an organization that is not allowed to distribute any money that it makes to its owners as profit. It usually does not even repay them money they provide, which is called a donation. In England this is more often referred to as "not-for-profit", and includes local and national government. Non-profit organizations are allowed to pay their workers, but many workers at non-profit organizations are volunteers who do not get paid for their work.

Sometimes a non-profit may make money to help other people, which might include helping them start their own business or providing them with food, clothing or shelter. Some non-profits try to help endangered animals or the environment. Some non-profits are small groups of people such as a block association or community group. Others such as trade unions, universities or religions are large and well established, with many assets and many paid workers

An organization that is non-profit is usually called a non-profit organization. When it deals with politics or international issues it can be called a non-governmental organization or NGO.

The Wikimedia organization, which runs Wikipedia is a non-profit. It is based in Florida in the United States. It is also a corporation known as a not-for-profit corporation.

An organization that is trying to make a profit, and failing, is called unprofitable and may go bankrupt - but this does not make it a non-profit. A non-profit may be profitable just as any business, but the profits are used to further the purpose, not to make the people who started it or who work there rich.