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Nordic countries

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Nordic countries are a group of countries in the northern Europe. These countries are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and the territories of the Aland Islands and the Faroe Islands. Scandinavia is not the same thing as Nordic countries even though some people say they are. Scandinavia is a peninsula while the Nordic countries are countries. Sweden and Norway (and a small part of Finland) are on the Scandinavian peninsula. Scandinavia and Finland together belong to bigger peninsula that is Fennoscandia. Finns speak a non-Germanic language.

Nordic countries have similar state, law and culture. In history Nordic countries been very close. Nordic countries are primarily socialist democracies, with slightly higher taxes than the U.S., but the taxes are used for primarily the same things taxes are used for in the U.S. Nordic countries have some political co-operation, like the Nordic council. Co-operation with a larger group European Union makes the Nordic co-operation even smaller. Finland is the only country that uses the euro.

There is a long and cold winter in the Nordic countries, with long, beautiful days in the summer, but only a small part of northern Norway and about a half of Iceland is arctic.