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Old French

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Old French
Regionnorthern France, parts of Belgium (Wallonia) and Switzerland, England, Ireland, Kingdom of Sicily, Principality of Antioch, Kingdom of Cyprus
Eraevolved into Middle French by the 14th century
Language family
Language codes
ISO 639-2fro
ISO 639-3fro

Old French was the Romance dialect continuum spoken in the northern half of modern France and parts of modern Belgium and Switzerland from around 1000 to 1300. It was then known as the langue d'oïl. This was different from the langue d'oc (Occitan language, also then called Provençal), whose territory bordered that of Old French to the south.

The Old Frankish language had a large influence on the vocabulary of Old French after the conquest, by the tribe of the Franks, of the portions of Roman Gaul that are now France and Belgium during the Migration Period.