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Olei Hagardom

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Monument in Ramat Gan to the Olei Hagardom
Olei Hagardom graves on Mount Herzl

Olei Hagardom (Hebrew: עולי הגרדום, meaning "those hanged in the gallows") is the name of twelve Zionist activists who was were sentenced to death in the British Mandate of Palestine. They were members of the militant groups Irgun and Lehi, who fought against Arabs and the British for an independent Israel. The Olei Hagardom included nine members of Irgun and three members of Lehi, who were executed by hanging.

A national burial site of the Olei Hagardom is located in the national military and police cemetery in Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. A museum for the Olei HaGardom is located in Jerusalem and the old city of Acre.

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