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Peyote in the wild
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Cactaceae
Genus: Lophophora
Species: L. williamsii and L. diffusa

Peyote, also called mescal-button, is two species of the cactus genus Lophophora of plants in the family Cactaceae.

The most common plant, L. williamsii, grow in North America, mostly in Mexico,[1] can be found in the Chihuahuan desert of southern Texas and northern Mexico. The size is about eight centimeters (three inches) wide and five centimeters (two inches) tall. It is mostly blue green in color, with pink to white flowers, growing in groups among scrub, in areas with limestone soil. L. diffusa grows only in a small area in central Mexico, the color is yellow green, with white to yellow flowers.

Peyote is probably most known as an illegal drug and have hallucinogenic effect, made by at least 28 different alkaloids, mostly mescaline. In many countries it is illegal to sell, use or posses both dried plant-material and living plants, but some places also give an exception from the law when used in religious rituals, such as by The Native American Church where it is used in a similar way as some Native American tribes, that likely have used peyote for at least 5,500 years.[2] in their rituals.