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Pocahontas (movie)

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Pocahontas is a 1995 movie. Pocahontas was released to theaters on June 16, 1995 released by Walt Disney Pictures. produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. The movie made $141,579,773 in the United States and $346,079,773 worldwide. It then became a Walt Disney Animated Classic. In 1998, a direct-to-video sequel was released called Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World.


In 1607, Pocahontas, a Native American, likes to be adventurous with her friend, Nacoma, and her animal friends. When she arrives back to her tribe, Pocahontas' father Chief Powhatan tells her that she will marry Kocoum, a brave warrior. Pocahontas does not like Kocoum because he is very "serious". She later leaves off to see her Grandmother Willow, a spiritual willow tree who gives advise and wisdom. Grandmother Willow warns Pocahontas that British are coming. Governor Ratcliffe lands in the United States (New World) and names it James Town. He then tells the crew to dig for gold. Explorer John Smith goes out to explore the surroundings. He and Pocahontas meet and become interested in one another. Smith shares his knowledge of how his "people" live their lives. Pocahontas is offended when Smith calls her people "savages" because they do not have any modern buildings or a society ruled by a king. Pocahontas then shares her knowledge and shows Smith that family values, life and nature are the most important things then having a king and buildings ("Colors of The Wind").

After this, Pocahontas and Smith fall in love. Chief Powhatan warns Pocahontas to stay away from the British because of their weapons. After finding Pocahontas and Smith kissing, Kocoum fights Smith and tries to kill him. Thomas whiteness the fight and kills Kocoum with a gun. This results in a battle between the Native Americans and the British. Smith is kept captive by the Native Americans who wants to kill Smith. Pocahontas successfully saves Smith from being killed. While witnessing the whole situation, Ratcliffe tries to shot Chief Powhatan, though Smith takes the bullet to save him. In the end, Smith is forced to go back to London to get treatment with Pocahontas.

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