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Senbei rice crackers

A Rice cracker is a Japanese snack made from rice. The traditional rice crackers are called Senbei and arare.[1] Depending on type, they are made from glutenous or non-glutenous rice.[1]


Crackers made from glutenous rice are called arare or okaki. They have a soft texture and easily dissolve in the mouth. Senbei are crackers made from non-glutinous rice and are hard with a coarse texture.[1] Arare rice crackers are often coated with spices, soy sauce or other flavorings.[2]


Rice crackers have a very old history. They originated during the time of the Han Dynasty (c. 202 BC).[3] The first Senbei description is in 737. It was a mixture of flour and rice cooked in oil. The first modern rice cracker is called Soka Senbei.[4]


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