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Rubber Soul

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Rubber Soul is the sixth album by The Beatles. It was first released in December 1965. Its title is a play on words ("rubber sole", a common part of shoes). The Beatles admired soul music, and sometimes their sound imitated African-American music.

Rubber Soul was the first Beatles album to include songs written by each band member. George Harrison's two songs were "Think For Yourself" and "If I Needed Someone". Ringo Starr co-wrote "What Goes On" with Lennon and McCartney. The album was praised its innovations in recording, and was called a "concept album",[source?] though it was not meant to be one.

The album broke away from the usual "" that made up most pop music albums of the time. The songs talked about friendships, good and bad, and people with problems. Paul McCartney's "Michelle" included lyrics in French. John Lennon's songs especially moved away from what was expected. "Norwegian Wood" was a carefully-worded story of an adulterous affair. "The Word" looked at the greater meaning of love. "Run For Your Life" borrowed from an earlier song, "Baby Let's Play House", recorded by Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly.

The album's song selections were changed for the American market. Songs left over from the British version of Help! were included, and other songs taken out, to be added to a later compilation album, Yesterday... and Today. Today's compact disc release follows the original British lineup.

Album songs

  1. "Drive My Car" (vocal: McCartney)
  2. "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" (vocal: Lennon)
  3. "You Won't See Me" (vocal: McCartney)
  4. "Nowhere Man" (vocal: Lennon)
  5. "Think for Yourself" (George Harrison) (vocal: Harrison)
  6. "The Word" (vocals: Lennon, McCartney and Harrison)
  7. "Michelle" (vocal: McCartney)
  8. "What Goes On" (Lennon, McCartney, Richard Starkey) (vocal: Starr)
  9. "Girl" (vocal: Lennon)
  10. "I'm Looking Through You" (vocal: McCartney)
  11. "In My Life" (vocal: Lennon)
  12. "Wait" (vocals: Lennon and McCartney)
  13. "If I Needed Someone" (Harrison) (vocal: Harrison)
  14. "Run for Your Life" (vocal: Lennon)


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