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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

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Trauma Center: Under the Knife
Publisher(s)Atlus NA
Director(s)Kazuya Niinou (DS)
Daisuke Kanada (Wii)
Producer(s)Katsura Hashino
Hiroshi Kato (Wii)
Programmer(s)Nobuyoshi Miwa
Tomoaki Kasuya
Naoaki Hashimoto
Writer(s)Shogo Isogai
Composer(s)Kenichi Kikkawa
Shoji Meguro
Kenichi Tsuchiya
SeriesTrauma Center
Platform(s)Nintendo DS, Wii
ReleaseNintendo DSJune 30, 2005 NAWiiNA November 19, 2006[1]December 2, 2006 EU
Genre(s)Simulation, Visual novel

Trauma Center: Second Opinion, known in Japan as Caduceus Z: Two Super Surgical Operations (カドゥケウスZ 2つの超執刀 Kadukeusu Zetto Futatsu no Chōshittō?), is a medical simulation video game made by Atlus for the Wii game console. It's the second game in the Trauma Center series, and a remake of Trauma Center: Under the Knife for the Nintendo DS. It adds a new way to control the medical tools and adds a new story to go with the old one. Another Wii title was released called Trauma Center: New Blood, and there was a sequel on the DS called Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. It was a Wii launch game in North America and Japan.





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