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Trojan Horse

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The Trojan Horse is a large wooden horse from the Trojan War in Greek mythology. In the Trojan War, the Greeks were fighting against the city of Troy. The war started when Helen, the queen of Sparta, was kidnapped/eloped by Paris, prince of Troy. The Grecians waged war on Troy to win Helen of Troy back.

The Greeks could not enter the city or win the war. Because of this, Odysseus, one of the Grecian leaders, thought of a way to trick them. The Greeks built a large wooden horse out of a ship and left it outside the gates of the city as a present for the Trojans, then sailed away. The Trojans took the horse and put it inside their city, thinking it was a victory gift from the Greeks. The Trojans had a festival to celebrate their victory. Odysseus chose a horse so that Poseidon (God of the sea and creator of horses) would ensure them a safe trip back to Greece. After the Trojan victory festival ended, the Greeks, who were hiding inside the horse, came out of it. They opened the city gates to let the other Greeks enter Troy. The Greeks easily overpowered the unsuspecting Trojans and took control of the city. Because of the Trojan Horse, the Greeks won the Trojan War.
Trojan Horse in Troja

Today the word "Trojan horse" is used for things that are similar to that story: something that looks good and okay, but in truth has another purpose, usually bad. An example for this is the computer virus Trojan horse.