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two different types of wool

Wool is the hair of certain mammals. Most wool comes from sheep and goats, but wool is also taken from camelids (camels, llamas, etc.) and special rabbits. Wool is a natural material. Wool is also the name for the material made from raw wool; people use wool cloth to make clothes, blankets, and other things to keep warm.

Wool can be spun or made into yarn. The yarn is used to weave fabric or material. The yarn of wool can also be knitted into fabric or clothing like jumpers.

Wool can also be made into felt after it is boiled in hot water and rubbed together. Felt is a kind of fabric that is not woven. Felt can be used to make clothes to keep warm in cold weather.

Australia is the world's largest producer of raw wool, growing about 30 percent of the total world supply.

Sheep were domesticated (tamed) in southwestern Asia about 11,000 years ago and now about 1 billion are now widely bred around the world.

wool fabrics clean easily.wool also absorb moisture and insulated against heat and cold.