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David Souter

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David Souter

David Souter is a member of the Supreme Court of the United States. He was born September 17, 1939. Souter has been an Associate Justice since 1990. He replaced William J. Brennan. Even though Souter had never traveled outside the United States during his years with the Supreme Court, he still had gained quite a recognition abroad. In 1995, a series of articles, based on his written opinions and entitled "Souter Court", was published by a Moscow legal journal "The Russian Justice." Those were followed by a book, written in Russian and bearing Souter's name in the title.[1] Justice of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Yury Danilov, reviewing the 2nd edition of the book in a Moscow English-language daily, made the following remark on Souter's position in Bush v. Gore case: "In a most critical and delicate situation, David Souter had maintained the independence of his position and in this respect had become a symbol of the independence of the judiciary."[2]

In May 2009, Souter wrote President Barack Obama and said he planned to retire later in the same year.


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