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Everybody's Changing

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"Everybody's Changing" is the first single by the rock band Keane. It was released two times. It was the first Keane CD to be sold in stores.


There are two different versions of the song. The song was first composed in 2001 by Tim Rice-Oxley. The first version was recorded at Keane's home. The second one at the Helioscentric Studios in East Sussex.

Fierce Panda single

In December 2002, Simon Williams of Fierce Panda Records saw Keane in a pub. He wanted to record one of their songs for the radio. The song chosen was "Everybody's Changing". They made a CD single and released it on May 2003.

Island single

After Keane signed to Island Records, there was another single, "Somewhere Only We Know". However, they wanted to release "Everybody's Changing" again. This time it was released as an Island single. The record was released on May 2004

Information about songs

The CDs for each version had one or two other songs on them.

To the End of the Earth

"To the End of the Earth" was composed in guitar. A demo version played on guitar was also recorded. It was composed by Tim Rice-Oxley in 2000. The song was re-recorded for the single.

Fly to Me

"Fly to Me" has been thought to be Keane's most beautiful song.[source?] Official sheet music for the song is found in the Wise Publication's book of Hopes and Fears.

The Way You Want It

"The Way You Want It" is a piano and voice song. It appeared on the Fierce Panda version. The song appears on the Strangers DVD as well.

Track listing

Fierce Panda single


  1. Everybody's Changing
  2. Bedshaped
  3. The Way You Want It

Island Single


  1. Everybody's Changing
  2. To the End of the Earth (Only CD)
  3. Fly to Me
  4. Everybody's Changing (Video)

UK, 7" Vynil IS855
Released May 3rd 2004

  1. Everybody's Changing
  2. Fly to Me

Other versions

Holland, CD

July 23rd 2004

  1. Everybody's Changing
  2. Fly to Me

France, CD

March 21st 2005

  1. Everybody's Changing
  2. Somewhere Only We Know (Live) (Forum, London, May 10th 2004)

UK, 3" Pocket CD

July 19th 2004

  1. Everybody's Changing
  2. Fly to Me
  3. Everybody's Changing (Polytone)
  4. Fly to Me (Polytone)
  5. Everybody's Changing (Truetone)
  6. Fly to Me (Truetone)

Music videos

There are two music videos for this song:

  • - (UK, Int’l) Keane appear playing in a white room.
  • - (US) Keane appear on a scene representing a sunset and shots of gigs in London, Mexico City and United States.
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