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List of songs by Keane

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This is a list of songs of Keane. Keane is a rock band from England. The songs are divided for easy consult.

Unknown songs

These old songs were written by Keane. They have not been heard as there are no recordings from them. They are known because the band had mentioned them.

  • 11th Hour Blues
  • All I Was
  • Captain Planet
  • Duncan Elliot
  • Gingerbread
  • High Time
  • If Not You
  • I'll Live in Fear
  • Innes' Song
  • In the Light
  • Less in More
  • Melodrama
  • Morsel
  • Mr. Caravan
  • Nagasaki Summer
  • Pot of Gold
  • Russian Farmers' Song
  • Start the Car
  • The Silence of an Alien
  • Wonderful River

Unreleased songs

These songs were not released but they are known for recordings. These recordings are on the internet.

  • A Heart to Hold You
  • Emily
  • Maps
  • More Matey
  • New One
  • The Happy Soldier


These songs had been recorded on CD Singles.

B-Sides not released on albums

A b-side is a song included with a single on its CD.

Hopes and Fears

This is Keane's first album.

  • Somewhere Only We Know
  • This Is the Last Time
  • Bend and Break
  • We Might as Well Be Strangers
  • Everybody's Changing
  • Your Eyes Open
  • She Has No Time
  • Can't Stop Now
  • Sunshine
  • Untitled 1
  • Bedshaped

Under the Iron Sea

This is Keane's second (2nd) album

Perfect Symmetry

This is Keane's third (3rd) album

Songs not yet released

These songs have not been released. In the future they will.

  • All Your Days
  • Any Human Heart
  • Back in Time
  • Barcelona Song (Crystal Ball)
  • Golden Light
  • If You Feel Bad / Bitter Pill
  • Love Actually
  • You Might Be Smiling Now

Cover versions

These songs were written by other artists. Keane have covered them and some of them, recorded.

Tim Rice-Oxley | Tom Chaplin | Richard Hughes | Dominic Scott
Albums: Hopes and Fears | Under the Iron Sea | Perfect Symmetry | Strangeland
Extended plays: EP Live Recordings 2004 | Retrospective EP1 | Night Train | Retrospective EP2
Singles: "Call Me What You Like" | "Wolf at the Door" | "Everybody's Changing (Part 1)" | "This Is the Last Time (Part 1)" | "Somewhere Only We Know" | "Everybody's Changing (Part 2)" | "Bedshaped" | "This Is the Last Time (Part 2)" | "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" | "Bend and Break" | "Atlantic" | "Is It Any Wonder?" | "Crystal Ball" | "Nothing in My Way" | "A Bad Dream" | "Try Again" | "The Night Sky" | "Spiralling" | "The Lovers Are Losing" | "Perfect Symmetry" | "Better Than This" | "Stop for a Minute" | "Silenced by the Night" | "Disconnected" | "Sovereign Light Café"
DVDs: Hopes and Fears DVD | Strangers DVD | Under the Iron Sea DVD | Keane Live | Perfect Symmetry DVD
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