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Gansu in China

Gansu (simplified Chinese: Script error: No such module "Category handler".; traditional Chinese: Script error: No such module "Category handler".; pinyin: Loudspeaker.png Gānsù (info • help); Wade–Giles: Kan-su, Kansu, Kan-suh) is a province of the People's Republic of China. The capital is Lanzhou, in the southeast part of the province.

It has an area of 454,430 km². As of 2010 about 25,575,000 people were living here; in 2018, the population is 26,257,000.[1]

Most people of Gansu are Han Chinese.

The province is mountainous in the south but flat in the north.

The Gobi Desert lies partly in Gansu, and the Yellow River flows in the south.

It contains the geographical centre of China.

Gansu Province has a dry continental climate with cold winters and hot summers.


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