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Halaal (حلال, halāl, halal) is an Islamic Arabic term meaning "permissible". It has both a general and specific meaning.

When people use the word in Islamic countries, they usually mean to say what is allowed by Islamic Law.

In non-Islamic countries, the word usually means fit to be eaten by a Muslim.

Muslims have strict rules of what they can and cannot eat:

  • Animals need to be killed in a special way. ( The animal should be slaughtered by hand so that all the blood could be drained from the slaughtered {dead} animal before they can eat the animal. It is called "Zabah Halal" in Arabic language meaning "Permissible Slaughter".)
  • Muslims cannot consume carcass animals even the animal slaughtered by knife not in its neck called mari' and wajadan. Hunting animals can but in a manner way.
  • They also should not eat the meat of carnivores or omnivores. This includes pork.
  • All seafood is halal. Fish that has scales is halal, but animals that live both in the water and on land are not permissible (for example, frogs may not be eaten). There is a debate about shellfish, but most think it is not halal.
  • They should not drink alcohol or consume other intoxicating substances (for example, narcotics).

When Jewish people say something is Kashrut (or Kosher), they mean a similar thing except Jewish people are allowed to have alcohol, except alcohol that is made from grapes by non-Jews.zh:清真#符合“清真”的食物