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City of Kitakyushu
Kitakyushu is northern city in Kyushu.
Seven wards of Kitakyushu.
Coordinates: 33°53′N 130°53′E / 33.883°N 130.883°E / 33.883; 130.883Coordinates: 33°53′N 130°53′E / 33.883°N 130.883°E / 33.883; 130.883
Country Japan
Region Kyushu
Prefecture Fukuoka
Settled February 10, 1963
 • Mayor Kenji Kitahashi
 • Total 487.71 km2 (188.31 sq mi)
Population (June 1, 2008)
 • Total 985,016
 • Density 2,019.68/km2 (5,231.1/sq mi)
  Calculated population
Time zone JST (UTC+9)

Kitakyūshū (北九州市 Kitakyūshū-shi?, meaning "Northern Kyūshū") is a city designated by government ordinance in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan. It was known as a region before neighboring cities grew together.[1]

It is a very important industrial city.[2] It has steel factories, coal mines and car factories.

In Japan, it is an important city in reducing pollution.[3] It also has an important recycling facility.

Kitakyūshū has a population of almost one million people.[2]

It is on the main Shinkansen line between Fukuoka and Tokyo.


The city was named Kitakyūshū in 1963, after five cities were made into one.[2] These cities were Moji, Tobata, Yahata, Kokura and Wakamatsu.[1]


Kitakyūshū has seven wards (ku):

Area (km2)
Japan WardColour 100x80x0.png Kokura Kita-ku 小倉北区 39.27
Japan WardColour 20x80x40.png Kokura Minami-ku 小倉南区 170.25
Japan WardColour 100x40x100.png Moji-ku 門司区 73.37
Japan WardColour 100x0x0.png Tobata-ku 戸畑区 16.66
Japan WardColour 0x40x100.png Yahata Higashi-ku 八幡東区 36.36
Japan WardColour 60x80x0.png Yahata Nishi-ku 八幡西区 83.04
Japan WardColour 100x40x0.png Wakamatsu-ku 若松区 67.86

Sister cities


Research institutes and graduate schools

  • Kitakyushu Science and Research Park(北九州学術研究都市)
    • Fukuoka University Institute for Recycling & Environmental Control System(福岡大学大学院工学研究科 資源循環・環境制御システム研究所)
    • Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology(九州工業大学 大学院生命体工学研究科)
    • The Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems/Information, Production and Systems Research Center, Waseda University(早稲田大学大学院 情報生産システム研究科 情報生産システム研究センター)

Universities and colleges

National University
Public universities
Private Universities

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