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List of heads of state of the Free City of Danzig

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The Free City of Danzig (German: Freie Stadt Danzig; Polish: Wolne Miasto Gdańsk) existed between 1920 and 1939.

The City had its own post office, currency and citizenship, but it was not independent: it was administered directly by the League of Nations, represented by a High Commissioner. The city was governed by the Senate. The head of state was the President of the Senate. The Free City was represented abroad by Poland's ambassadors.

League of Nations High Commissioners

League of Nations mandated territories, were run by member countries on behalf of the League. But Danzig and the Saargebiet were run by the League of Nations itself, with representatives of various countries being the High Commissioner:[1]

 Name Period Country
1 Reginald Thomas Tower 1919-1920  UK
2 Edward Lisle Strutt 1920  UK
3 Bernardo Attolico 1920  Italy
4 Richard Cyril Byrne Haking 1921-1923  UK
5 Mervyn Sorley McDonnell 1923-1925  UK
6 Joost Adriaan van Hamel 1925-1929  Netherlands
7 Manfredi di Gravina 1929-1932  Italy
8 Helmer Rosting 1932-1934  Denmark
9 Seán Lester 1934-1936 Republic of Ireland Irish Free State
10 Carl Jakob Burckhardt 1937-1939  Switzerland


Heads of State of the Free City of Danzig [1]

  Presidents of the
Danzig senate
Took Office Left Office Party
1 Heinrich Sahm 6 December 1920 10 January 1931 none
2 Ernst Ziehm 10 January 1931 20 June 1933 DNVP
3 Hermann Rauschning 20 June 1933 23 November 1934 NSDAP
4 Arthur Karl Greiser 23 November 1934 23 August 1939 NSDAP
  State President
5 Albert Förster 23 August 1939 1 September 1939 NSDAP

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