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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

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Pirates of the Caribbean:
The Curse of the Black Pearl
Directed byGore Verbinski
Produced byJerry Bruckheimer
Screenplay byTed Elliott
Terry Rossio
Story byTed Elliott
Terry Rossio
Stuart Beattie
Jay Wolpert
Based onWalt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean
StarringJohnny Depp
Geoffrey Rush
Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightley
Jack Davenport
Kevin McNally
Zoe Saldana
Jonathan Pryce
Music byKlaus Badelt
CinematographyDariusz Wolski
Edited byStephen E. Rivkin
Arthur Schmidt
Craig Wood
Jerry Bruckheimer Films
First Mate Productions Inc.
Distributed byWalt Disney Pictures
Release date
  • July 9, 2003 (2003-07-09)
Running time
143 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$140 million
Box office$654,264,015[1]

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a 2003 movie from Walt Disney Pictures. It is set in the early eighteenth century in the British Empire.


When the movie begins, a young girl called Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) is seen on a ship with her father, who is the major of a British colony in the Caribbean. Elizabeth catches sight of a boy in the water and the ship's crew save him. He is called Will Turner (Orlando Bloom). Elizabeth finds a chain around his neck with a golden medallion. This leads her to believe that Will is a pirate. She takes the medallion and keeps it.

Eight years later, Elizabeth has grown up, and her father is now governor of Port Royal. James Norrington, a commodore in the Royal Navy, proposes to her. She accepts, despite the fact that she in love with Will Turner, who is her father's blacksmith.

When James Norrington proposes to her, she faints (seemingly overcome by Norrington's proposal, but she actually fainted because her corset was too tight, and she could not breathe.) and falls off the ledge into the water below. Jack Sparrow sees her fall and rescues her. Despite this, James Norrington believes he should be arrested. Jack then threatens Elizabeth's life, and tries to escape. However, his escape fails due to Will Turner and he is taken to prison.

That night, the cursed crew of the Black Pearl attack Port Royal and kidnap Elizabeth. Jack Sparrow escapes his prison. He steals a ship to travel to Tortuga, a privateer port where he hopes to assemble a crew. Will Turner goes with him to rescue Elizabeth. Jack Sparrow went to Tortuga for the treasure, not for Elizabeth. On Will and Jack's journey to Tortuga, Will finds out his father was a pirate.

Elizabeth, on board the Black Pearl, learns that the crew is under the curse of a chest of Aztec gold. They need the blood of each crew member to break the curse. However, Bootstrap Bill was killed, and they still need his blood, or the blood of his descendant. They believe Elizabeth is his descendant. They plan to spill her blood on the chest of Aztec gold in hopes to break the curse.

Will secretly takes away Elizabeth to safety and the zombies of the Black Pearl invade the British's ship positioned not far from the land. An epic fight goes on between the zombies and the british, Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbosa (Captain of the Black Pearl), and Will Turner/Elizabeth Swan and some left over zombies.

Jack Sparrow uses his one shot to shoot Captain Barbosa and Will puts his blood on the Aztec Gold, causing the bullet to cause damage to Captain Barbosa.

The British win the fight against the zombies that are now humans. Jack Sparrow is captured by the British but Will Turner saves him from the lynching and Jack escapes with the Black Pearl. Before Barbosa, he use to be the Captain of the Black Pearl.


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