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Pop Chronicles

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The Pop Chronicles
Home station KRLA
Syndicates Armed Forces Radio
Creators John Gilliland
Producers Chester Coleman
Narrated by John Gilliland, Sie Holliday, Thom Beck
Air dates 1969 to c1971
No. of episodes 55
Other themes The Chronicles of Pop by Len Chandler
Website The John Gilliland Collection

The Pop Chronicles were two radio documentaries. They told the story of music that was popular in America in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.[1] John Gilliland made both documentaries.

The Pop Chronicles of the 1950s and 1960s

Los Angeles Radio station KRLA 1110 broadcast the first Pop Chronicles documentary in 1969.[2] Dick LaPalm, Lew Irwin, Harry Shearer, Mike Masterson, and Richard Perry interviewed famous musicians.[3] Len Chandler wrote and sang the theme song “The Chronicles of Pop” .[4] The engineer and associate producer was Chester Coleman.[5][6]

Other radio stations also broadcast the Pop Chronicles,[5][7] including American Forces Network.[8]

Pop Chronicles the 1940s

Pop Chronicles the 40s
Home station KSFO
Syndicates AFRTS
Creators John Gilliland
Narrated by John Gilliland
Air dates 1972 to 1976
No. of episodes 24

San Francisco radio station KSFO broadcast the "Pop Chronicles of the 1940s" in 1972 and 1976.[9] The American Forces Network also broadcast this show.[10] In 1994, Gilliland released a shorter version on audio cassette. The title of this audiobook was Pop Chronicles the 40s: The Lively Story of Pop Music in the 40s.[11] The audiobook was also called The Big Band Chronicles.[12][13]

After his death, Gilliand's sister donated the "Pop Chronicles" tapes to the University of North Texas Music Library. They form The John Gilliland Collection.[1]

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