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Sega Saturn

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Sega Saturn
Sega saturn.jpg
Manufacturer Sega
Type video game console
Generation Fifth generation
Storage CD-ROMs
Predecessor Sega Mega Drive
Successor Dreamcast

The Sega Saturn is a 32-bit video game console made by Sega. It was released in Japan on November 22 1994, in the United States on May 11 1995, and in Europe on July 8 1995. Games were released on CD-ROMs. It is followed by the Dreamcast. The Saturn was the first Sega video game console which can display 3D graphics. Accessories were available for the Sega Saturn, including a gun controller which was used to play Virtua Cop, and an analog controller.

The console was called Saturn because it was Sega's sixth games console, and Saturn is the sixth planet of the solar system.

Japanese/French models

The Sega Saturn was quite popular in Japan and/or France, because of the commercial with Segata Sanshiro, a man who devoted his life to the Sega Saturn. The Japanese Sega Saturn was black, and it was later changed to gray.

European/North American models

In North America, the Saturn was not nearly as popular as it was in Japan and/or France. When it was first released, there were only a few games available. That caused the PlayStation to be more popular in Europe.

North American/European Saturn (black)