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Super Metroid

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Super Metroid
Developer(s)Nintendo R&D1 (design)
Intelligent Systems (program)
Designer(s)Gunpei Yokoi (general manager)
Yoshio Sakamoto (director)
Makoto Kanoh (producer)
Platform(s)Super NES, Virtual Console
JPN March 19, 1994
NA April 18, 1994
PAL July 28, 1994
Virtual Console
NA August 20, 2007
JPN September 20, 2007
PAL October 12, 2007
KOR April 26, 2008
Wii U
INT May 15, 2013
Genre(s)Action adventure
Mode(s)Single player

Super Metroid (スーパーメトロイド Sūpā Metoroido?) is an adventure video game developed by R&D1 and Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Super NES game console. It's the third game released in the Metroid series.