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Weight loss

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Weight loss is when a person weighs less than before. A person can lose weight by running, swimming or doing any other activity. Also, a person might eat less or more healthy food to have a weight loss.

There are many diets and exercises to lose weight. Many people lose weight when they don't eat sugar, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Weight loss can happen for different reasons:

  • Health related - losing weight because of sickness like flu and fever, or even more serious like cancer and HIV.[1]
  • Exercise related - when weight loss is caused by using more energy than you provide to your body - this will end up in burning your reserves - fat.
  • Diet related - by lowering the energy intake or some part of diet causing fat to be burned.

In many countries weight loss is caused by sociological pressure mostly on woman to have slim and fit figure.


Unintentional weight loss is when a person loses weight without trying. It can be a symptom of some types of cancer.[2][3] It can also be a sign of tuberculosis. Some other infectious diseases also cause unintentional weight loss, including endocarditis.[4]


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