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Native speakers6,000  (2001)
200,000 L2 speakers[source?]
Language family
English Creole
  • Pacific
    • Bislama
Writing systemLatin
Official status
Official language in Vanuatu
Language codes
ISO 639-1bi
ISO 639-2bis
ISO 639-3bis

Bislama is one of the three national languages of Vanuatu. It is a new language, made during the last two or three hundred years by mixing English with some French and some local words. The way the words are put together is like people have talked in Vanuatu for a long time -- not like English or French words are put together.

Bislama is like this:

Stoa long haos - The store next to the house.
Buk blong mi - My book.
Bambae mi wantem bia - I will want beer.

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