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A map of the republic.
Flag of Chechnya.
Coat of arms of Chechnya.

Chechnya (officially called the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria; Chechen language: Нохчийн Республика, Noxçiyn Respublika; Russian: Чече́нская Респу́блика, Chechenskaya Respublika) is a federal subject in Russia. It is located in the Caucasus region. The capital is Grozny.

Most people in Chechnya are Muslims and are of ancient Hurrian roots who spoke a Caucasian language. Most Chechens belong to the Shafi`i school of Sunni Islam.[1]

Chechens speak their own language, not related to the Russian language. Chechen is part of the Northeast Caucasian, or Vainakh, family, while Russian is a Slavic language.[2][3]

During Soviet control, Chechnya was unified with Ingushetia.[4] After the fall of the Soviet Union, Chechnya broke away from Ingushetia to form its own republic.[4] The Chechens wanted independence. After the First Chechen War, Chechnya was de facto independent as the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. After the Second Chechen War, Russia regained control of Chechnya.

Russia has claimed Chechnya as part of its country since the Russians invaded the Caucasus in the 18th century.

The current leader of the Chechen Republic is Ramzan Kadyrov.[4] He is also the son of the 1st Chechen President, Akhmad Kadyrov.


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